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7/19/00 - Not surprisingly, Dragonheart II (LBX,DD) on Laserdisc has been postponed indefinetly.  If A list titles like The Hurricane (LBX,DD) can't get enough preorders, then a direct-to-video title like Dragonheart II has no chance.

7/2/00 - Unfortunately, all of the July Laserdisc titles have been postponed.  Those titles are listed below.   If you want to see any of those titles ever released, please preorder them now.

The Hurricane (1999, LBX, DD) - Preorder it at:  Ken Cranes.
Angela's Ashes (LBX) - Preorder it at:  Ken Cranes.
Isn't She Great  (LBX,DD) - Preorder it at:  Ken Cranes.


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