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5/30/00 - While Laserdisc production is winding down in the US, LD production is still relatively strong in Japan.  For example,  The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Scream 3, X-Files Season 7, and The World is Not Enough are all scheduled to be released in Japan.  See for more details about the discs.  These LDs can be purchased at places like Sight and Sound or Laser Exchange.  Even though these discs are Japanese, they will have the English soundtrack along with Japanese subtitles (like the Phantom Menace did).  The only downside is that these LDs will cost around double the $29.98 most American LDs go for.

5/23/00 - It's been a slow, slow news month.  Few titles have been announced.  Furthermore, those titles have been hard to find.  For example, the titles that are still on track to be released aren't even listed at Ken Cranes.  Correction, Ken Cranes has finally listed these new titles. Also, to make things easier, I have found those titles listed at Laser Vision Direct (which is owned by Pioneer).  The URLs for those titles are listed below to make things easier for you.

Angela's Ashes -

The Talented Mr. Ripley -

Also, take a look at my new Forum.  Hopefully we can get some interesting discussions started there.

5/3/00 - The LD release calendar has undergone quite a few changes.  Every title that was previously on hold (Best Man, Bringing Out the Dead, The Limey, The Story of Us) is now canceled.  Correction: These titles are not cancelled - they were put on hold indefinitely.  However, Pioneer is still announcing new titles.  This week they announced Angela's Ashes.  Like usual, it will retail for $29.98 and contain no extras or a Dolby Digital track (since it is a Paramount title).  Angela's Ashes is scheduled to be released on July 18.

Meanwhile, I am proud to announce that I have finally added a forum to my website.  Now if you want to chew me out for dissin' the new Dolby Digital track on the upcoming Jaws DVD (or any other issue I talked about last month), here's your chance.  Just click on the "Forum" link in the menu.


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