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11/10/00 -Looks like I was a little harsh on Image Entertainment last month since they did bring back the Ken Cranes site a few days ago. As an extra bonus, there were five new releases listed:

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (LBX,DD)
Bring it On (LBX,DD,Cheerleaders!),
The Original Kings of Comedy (2000, LBX),
Shaft (2000, LBX) and
Wonder Boys (LBX, Extras).

You read that right, according to Ken Cranes, Wonder Boys will contain a Bob Dylan music video and cast interviews as extras. Is it possible, extras on a Paramount title!??? What's next, the return of Dolby Digital soundtracks on Paramout releases? Probably not. In fact its doubtful this title will even see the light of days since it didn't exactly burn up the box office during its extremely short run (Whadda mean you don't remember Wonder Boys ever being in the theaters - It's about . . .um. . . er . . . actually, I don't know what it's about but it co-stars future Spiderman Tobey Maguire).

In spite of all of the new domestic releases, the title getting the most attention these days is a re-re-release. In particular, the import Star Wars:SE Trilogy boxset. Similar to the domestic box set released a few years ago, this import box set contains the original Star Wars trilogy in "Special Edition" (a.k.a. Sucker's Edition) form featuring a Dolby Digital soundtrack. However, this time around, the box set will feature an 11 minute preview of Episode II featuring Jar-Jar Binks (I'm kidding about Jar-Jar - I just hope George Lucas is kidding about Jar-Jar being in Episode II). Unlike the domestic release, the import release will have Japanese subtitles. Sill, die hard fans can preorder a copy from Laser Exchange for $195.

Finally, since there are so few laserdisc releases these days, it doesn't make sense to list new releases by month like I have been doing in my release calendar. Instead, I'll just put the titles in a (short) list along with their release date.


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