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10/28/00 - Since Image Entertainment closed down the Ken Cranes site, it has been really hard to find Laserdisc news. Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of Image. First, they stop Laserdisc production without a peep - no new release or anything. They didn't even answer any one of the numerous e-mails I sent to them about this matter. Heck, Criterion and Synapse Films even wrote apologies and a nice explanation why they couldn't produce Laserdiscs anymore. Then Image stopped listing Laserdisc releases on their Laserviews site, again without any sort of notice. Really, how hard is it to say, "This is the last Laserdisc listing we will publish." Finally, they just shut down Ken Cranes with some BS about routine maintenance.

Anyway, Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (LBX,DD) is scheduled to be relased on Laserdisc on December 12. Now that Ken Cranes is gone, I'm not sure where to pre-order this Laserdisc other than to say try some of the nicer smaller retailers like Renaissance Music Media or Evolution Audio/Video.

10/16/00 - Even though Pioneer doesn't release that many laserdiscs these days (the last two were Sleepy Hollow and Bringing out the Dead), they still continue to annouce many new titles. The latest title to be annouced is The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (LBX,DD). This cinema classic, which has a whopping 4.3 rating in The Intenet Movie Database, is scheduled to be released on December 5th if all goes well. As usual, this disc will retail for $29.98.

Unfortunately, the Ken Cranes site has been "down for maintenance" for several days now. In the past, I have found that the Ken Cranes site has been a valuable reference when it comes to release dates for Laserdiscs. Ken Cranes' sister site DVDplanet, while ok for DVD, doesn't list upcoming Laserdisc release dates. I hope the Ken Cranes site comes back soon or they start listing upcoming Laserdisc release dates on DVDplanet.


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