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9/26/00 - Lately, Pioneer's website has been silent. There have been no new annoucements at all since 8/15 (not even DVD and VHS annoucements). However, in the meantime, Ken Cranes has listed a couple of new Laserdiscs for presale. Following Mission Impossible 2 last week, Ken Cranes listed U-571 (LBX,DD). Luckily, since U-571 is a Universal release, it will most likely have a Dolby Digital track (unlike Paramount releases). The release date is given as 11/14/00, although this is hardly set in stone given Laserdisc's recent history.

9/21/00 - Mission Impossible 2(LBX) has just been announced with a 11/7 release date. It will retail for $29.98. Like too many recent Paramount titles, it will not include a Dolby Digital track. At least it is letterboxed.

9/16/00 - I just checked the Ken Cranes website and Sleepy Hollow is now available (the release date is reported as 9/19/00 for some reason).

9/15/00 - It's been a long time since my last update. Unfortunately, several large project fell into my lap, eating up almost all of my free time. However, during my "hiatus", several good pieces of Laserdisc news happened - two Laserdisc titles managed to make it off hold. Right now, it is possible to buy Sleepy Hollow (LBX) and Bringing Out the Dead (LBX). Unfortunately, these titles are hard to find so some stores/people are taking advanatage of that. For example, Sleepy Hollow went for $150+ on eBay earlier this week. However, I would wait until October 3rd before trying to buy any of these titles - that is when Ken Cranes says they will recieve their copies. You can pick up both Sleepy Hollow and Bringing Out the Dead for $23.98 at Ken Cranes. Anyway, this proves my point, if you preorder, these titles will come out (eventually). Right now there are still a dozen titles on hold, so break out the credit card and PREORDER!

On a related note, the third part of my special report of video formats will come out soon - as soon as I recieve enough preorders ;).


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