DISCLAIMER: I have not personally used all of the retailers and companies listed below so I can't vouch for their quality. If you have a bad experience with any of the retailers or companies listed below please email me. I really can't do anything for you but if I receive many complaints I will remove the link to their site. Thanks.

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Consumer Protection Information

Bizrate - rates online stores.

Better Business Bureau Online - Have a problem with a company? File a complaint with the BBB.

Consumer Review - Before you buy a product, read about what other people who have bought the product have to say.

Federal Trade Commission - Get educated on consumer rights.

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Laserdisc Distributors

Image Entertainment - no longer distributes Laserdiscs

Pioneer Entertainment - the US division no longer distributes Laserdiscs, although the Japanese division still does.

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Laserdisc FAQs

Blam Entertainment Group - includes a great section on how to use mint marks to identify what company made your laserdisc.

Bob Niland's FAQ

Laserdisc Archive - not exactly a FAQ, but it still contains tons of information on Laserdisc players.

Leopold's FAQ - no longer maintained but still contains relevant material

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Laserdisc Labels

Criterion Company - Unfortunately they no longer produce Laserdiscs.

Elite Entertainment - Like Criterion, Elite no longer produces Laserdiscs. However the website still contains information on past Laserdisc releases.

Universal's Signature Collection

Synapse Films - Synapse also has ceased Laserdisc production. Still, there is information on past releases

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Laserdisc Player Retailers

Ebay - your best bet for finding Laserdisc players.

Pioneer Direct - Buy Laserdisc players directly from Pioneer.

One Call

Spidergear - Occasionally, low cost refurbished laserdisc players.

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Laserdisc Player Modifications

MSB Technologies - They can add Dolby Digital (AC3) and/or digital audio outputs to your laserdisc player. They even offer a built-in demodulator.

Precision Laser - In addition to offering to install Dolby Digital (AC3) outputs on your player, they offer an relatively inexpensive Do It Yourself (DIY) kit.

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Laserdisc Retailers

Digital Eyes LD and DVD

Evolution Audio/Video - Evolution's Laserdisc Factory Outlet contains many rare laserdiscs for an excellent price.

Ken Cranes Laserdisc and DVD Superstore - owned by Image Entertainment.

Laser Exchange- A good selection of imported laserdiscs.

The Laser's Edge

The Laserdisc Division


Sight and Sound - They sell used and import LD's too.

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Laserdisc Reviews

The Cinema Laser - They have mostly switched over to DVD but some Laserdisc material remains.

Laserdisc Forever - has reviews of Japanese imports as well as domestic Laserdiscs.

Laserdisc Reviews - Includes reviews of PAL movies.

DVD/Laserdisc Newsletter

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Professional Laserdisc Player Drivers




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Used Laserdiscs

Big Emma's - Big Emma buys and sells used laserdiscs.

Jeff's Used Laserdisc Finder - This site doesn't sell discs. It searches other sites and finds them for you. ***Extremely Useful***

Ebay - bid for used laserdiscs here

Renaissance Music Media

Sight and Sound - Large selection of Used LDs.

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Other Resources newsgroup. If you don't have a newsreader, use the web based one at dejanews

Cinescape - Movie news and reviews

Dark Horizons Movie News - my favorite movie news page

Dolby Labs


Internet Movie Database

Sound and Vision Magazine- The magazine formed when Stereo Review and Video magazine merged.


Widescreen Review - Home theater magazine that offers LD vs. DVD reviews.

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