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New!!! Blank Review Page - Got an old title you are itching to review? Did I miss listing a new title? If you want to review a title that is not listed, you can use the blank review page. Reviews submitted using this page are temporarily stored on the Misc. Reviews Page until I can list them.

There are currently 2 full reviews and 2 second opinion only reviews.

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Reviews are listed alphabetically.  Click on the link that corresponds to the first letter in the title of the movie you are looking for.  Note: Titles that begin with numbers (i.e, 12 Monkeys) are listed as if the numbers are spelled out (i.e, 12 Monkeys is listed under T). Also, titles that begin with "The" or "A" are listed by the second word in the title (i.e., The Nutty Professor is listed under N for Nutty Professor, The).

In addition, since Laserdisc movies are often released in many different versions (and re-released again), the version of the movie reviewed is listed in paranthesis after the title (i.e., Long Kiss Goodnight, The (DD version)). Note: LBX = Letterboxed, P/S = Pan and Scan, DD = Dolby Digital, DTS = DTS, THX = THX.

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