Playing Back MP3 and Wave Files

In order to reduce the storage space needed as well as download time, all audio files on this website have been compressed.  They have been compressed using either MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) or ADPCM compression.  MP3 is a "lossy" (some information is removed to reduce file size) compression scheme that has become quite popular on the Internet over the last few years.  The wave files on my website are compressed with ADPCM, a lossless compression scheme. As a result, a wave file is generally larger than a MP3 file.  However, both are included because, depending on your hardware and software configuration, one might be easier to play back than the other.

To Play Back MP3 Files

To play back MP3 encoded music files you need:

Once you install your MP3 player, the player will automatically load and start playing when you click on a MP3 link.

To Play Back Wave Files

The "wave" file standard was developed by Microsoft.  Due to the overwhelming strength of Microsoft in the marketplace, virtually all OS's (not only Microsoft Windows) come with a program that can play back wave files.  The ADPCM compression is also quite popular.  In fact, it is usually built into hardware such as sound cards and modems.  Because of that fact, ADPCM usually doesn't require a powerful processor, unlike MP3.  I include wave files on my website because almost every hardware and software combination can play back wave files.  In other words, just click on the wave link.  If it works, great.  If it doesn't, use the MP3 file.

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